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System management
and IT support

We can support your digital transformation with specialized professional services.

As your business grows, IT availability becomes essential but it’s increasingly hard for organisations to recruit and maintain skilled resources able to keep up with IT management responsibilities and, at the same time, to keep control of IT costs. REDSTOUT can work with your existing IT staff or act alone as your primary IT support.

REDSTOUT provides customers with a comprehensive systems management and IT support service. Everything that is required to manage IT day to day operations, IT and cybersecurity incidents, from the moment it's identified through mitigation or resolution, as well as scheduled maintenance tasks, becomes the responsibility of a highly experienced and capable provider, under a single contract.

If your organizations is experiencing a peak in IT operations or resource constraints either for routine day or for specific projects, REDSTOUT can help you by providing on-site or remote temporary technical resource to complement your IT staff .

Key benefits

Rapid issue resolution

Expert technical resource to provide comprehensive system and network management and rapid issue resolution

Background support

Ad-hoc technical expertise to assist your IT staff on special projects or to address resource constraints

Reduce costs

Cost effective remote and on-site Linux and Network operations, management and support


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