DNS Firewall

The first line of defense. Protect your users outside your digital perimeter with the DNS Response Policy Zone supported by RED DNS Engine, a state-of-the-art in DNS record analysis algorithm.

Our offers provide a cloud-based DNS service or a local instance to protect your users and servers. Ask for an analysis to get a design drawing made specifically for your business.


DNS firewall, also known as a DNS-based threat intelligence system, is a security solution that operates at the Domain Name System (DNS) level to protect networks from various cyber threats, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets.

How it works

DNS firewall intercepts DNS requests and uses threat intelligence feeds to block requests for known malicious domains or IP addresses.


By preventing these requests from being resolved, a DNS firewall can effectively prevent communication with malicious servers and attacks from reaching the network.


Provide visibility into network traffic by logging DNS requests and responses, which can be used to identify potential threats and investigate security incidents.


A DNS firewall can effectively enhance network security by preventing access to known malicious domains and providing visibility into network traffic.

REDSTOUT offers the DNS Firewall on the cloud or on-premises embedded in an appliance designed to support your business load. Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your business.

Key benefits

A DNS firewall is an effective and cost-efficient security solution for organizations looking to enhance their network security posture.

Effective threat prevention

DNS firewall can prevent communication with known malicious domains and IP addresses, blocking many types of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets.

Improved network performance

By blocking unwanted traffic, a DNS firewall can improve network performance by reducing network resource load and the risk of network congestion.

Centralized management

DNS firewall can be centrally managed, making it easier to deploy and maintain across an organization's network infrastructure.

Greater visibility and control

DNS firewall provides greater visibility into network traffic by logging DNS requests and responses, allowing administrators to identify potential security incidents and take appropriate actions.


DNS firewall is often less expensive than other security solutions and can be implemented without requiring significant changes to an organization's network infrastructure.


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